The Church Administration Magazine – Jan-Feb Issue

The Church Administration Magazine

A must-have magazine for those who are serious about church administration. It is jammed packed with useful and engaing information that keeps your skills sharpened and your spirit encouraged.

Each issue will contain valuable tips from veteran ministry assistants, senior pastors, pastor wives, and more!

There will be videos and links to further assist you in your journey in church administration, pastoring, being a board member, or deacon. So, don’t miss an issue!

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Known as the church administration guru - we have been working with churches of all denominations for over 26 years. We strive to keep you abreast of "all things in church administration." Visit our website at We also offer the most comprehensive training available online in church administration. We have students from all over the world who participate in our online training.
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3 Responses to The Church Administration Magazine – Jan-Feb Issue

  1. EDITH DENNY says:

    i would like a re-print of the Jan-Feb issue

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do I subscribe

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