Church Administration – Running a Church Office Manual

Church Administration – Running a Church Office

Church Administration Running a Church Office ManualA must-have book for every church

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This manual has over 300 pages of information plus an included CD with hundreds pages more of much needed information.

The CD includes completely editable files such as Human Resource Policy manual, Church Bylaws, Church Constitution, Resolutions, Letters, Permission Forms, Facility Use Forms, Wedding Request Forms, Wedding Policy,    Check Request Forms, Purchase Requisition Forms, Pastoral Search Interview Questions and information on establishing a search committee, Employment Applications, Job Descriptions, Event Planning Checklist Form, IRS Forms and Publications, and so much more!

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Do you know what UBIT is and when your church is subject to it?  With souvenir booklets, church coffee houses, and bookstores, you need to know the laws.

Can the board have a valid meeting without the senior pastor?

Do you know your State laws? Many churches have been fined because they have not kept abreast of their local laws.

Millions of dollars were stolen from churches in one year’s time. Does your church have separation of duties?  Don’t think it can’t happen to your church. Embezzlement has surfaced at the hands of trusted long-time employee to the newly hired. What are your churches internal controls?

Do you allow others to use your church facility? If so, what risks are you assuming?

Is your church in violation of copyright laws? Don’t think this is minor; churches have been sued for hundreds of thousands and have had to pay.

How long are you required to keep personnel files?

Do you know how to establish a fair compensation package for your senior pastor?

If your church was involved in a church dispute, do your church bylaws help or hurt your church?

If your church is incorporated is it subject to State laws?

Is there any benefit in an advance injury waiver?

These questions and many more are addressed in this book to assist you in ensuring your church is in compliance with Federal and State laws. It also covers the aesthetics of running a church office.


Chapter 1


Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Church Receptionist

Today’s Church Secretary

The Church Office Manager

The Pastor’s Assistant and Church Administrative Assistant

The Church Administrator

The Church Business Manager / Financial Manager

The Church Facility Manager

The Church Custodian

Succeeding in Church Administration

Chapter Two


What is the Church Office?

Appearances Do Count

A Standard of Excellence

Maintaining a Godly Atmosphere

We Are a New Church

Incorporating or Not


Constitution and Bylaws

Is it Mandatory for Churches to Have 501(c)3

Sales Taxes

Church Payroll and Tax Requirements

Human Resource Management

Posting Jobs and Interviewing

Office Structure

Church Boards

Board Members’ Responsibilities

Basic Office Procedures

Tips for Ministry Assistants

Office Etiquette

Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries

Excellence in Communication

The Church Bulletin

Written Communications

Church Management Software

Maximizing Technology

Records Management

Minister Compensation Package

Church Accounting

Accountable vs Nonaccountable Reimbursement Plans

Churches and Taxes

What is UBIT?

Increased Filing Penalties

Internal Controls

Separation of Duties

Petty Cash

Church Credit Card

Finance Teams

Paying Honorariums

Tax Requirements for Foreign Ministers


What Are Tax-Deductible Contributions?

Is Offering Envelope Mandatory?

Designated Contributions

Copyright Laws

Bulk Mail for Contribution Statements

Fundraising and Food Handling Laws

State, City, and County Laws You Must Know

Churches and Politics

Working Well with Staff

Leadership Responsibilities

Staff and Department Leaders Responsibilities

Church Volunteers


Basic Church Budgets

Types of Budgets

Chapter Three


W-4’s and Form I-9

New Hire Reporting Laws

Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Minimum Wage Poster

Minimum Wage

Employment Laws By States

State Payday Requirements

Churches and Overtime Pay

States’ Labor Offices and Contact Information

Minimum Wage in Canada

Basic Laws Pertaining to Pastors’ Compensation

Dual Status Employee

Housing Allowance

Love Offerings and Other Gifts to Ministers

Excess Benefits

Chapter Four


Do’s and Don’ts

Governmental and Office Policies and Procedures

Church Reimbursement Policies

Benevolent Policies

Your Personnel Manual


Church Constitution

Chapter Five


Board Members’ Liability

Negligent Hiring

Negligent Retention or Negligent Supervision

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Do Advance Injury Waivers Protect Churches?


Chapter Six


Licensing Regulations

Chapter Seven


Office Meeting

Taking Minutes

Steps to Take in Planning an Event

Determine the Purpose, Date, Time, Location

What is Your Budget?

Form a Team

Food and Beverage



Event Planning Checklist

Meeting Space Setup


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